Agile Industrialization

Agile Industrialization

  • AAIPL successfully implemented the Agile Manufacturing approach in the industrialization of A380 Work Packages i.e. D-Nose Assemblies & Wing Panel Assemblies. From the JV Agreement the to First Ship set delivery is completed in just 14 months.
  • Nov-2012: JV Agreement was signed.
Phase 1: Jan-2013 to Aug-2013
  • Facility Construction
  • Jig Manufacturing
  • Operator Hiring
  • Operator Training at SAAB
  • Documentation Activities
Phase 2: Sep-2013 to Jan-2014
  • Production initiation
  • Process Qualification from SAAB & Airbus

  • Feb-2014 FAI delivery to SAAB
    • AAIPL using the similar approach for industrialization of A321 Door Plug & A321 Over Wing Exit (OWE) Doors also.
    • The Similar approach will be used for all the future work packages.
    • AAIPL focuses during Industrialization are:
    • To meet the customer agreed timelines & quality requirements.
    • Incorporating the changes through industrial change management process.
    • Customer satisfaction.